Fail. I have no excuse for falling behind on this blog. I recently started searching through my archives at the paper to develop a top 10 list for 2013, only to realize how much I missed documenting my experiences while interviewing people and writing articles since my last post in February. Better late than never … […]

Even after standing outside for more than two hours on a chilly February day and seriously thinking my toes were going to fall off, I am still glad I chose to cover the Polar Bear Plunge for the paper. The Brooklyn Center Police Department, from my “beat” city, had their team in the event so […]

I really fell behind on this blog. Last year (it was late in 2012, but yes, last year), a graduate of Brooklyn Center High School contacted me with a story idea about the organization he is volunteering with in Nicaragua. Lucas Salzwedel sent me an email to tell me about La Esperanza Granada, which provides […]

It’s been more than a week already, but I do definitely want to share about my visit to the local high school culinary arts class. I loved those classes in high school and still do like to cook when I am with my family and for the holidays. This class was an above and beyond […]

I have an expensive camera and I (sort of) know how to use it! I went to an event last week, “Holly Sunday,” to get my front page photos. I knew I wouldn’t be chasing down geese for this one, but I did not know I would barely be able to get in the door […]

As a community editor “I do it all,” meaning some weeks I am scrambling to come up with a photo idea for the front page. Is there anything going on at the school, library or community center? No, no, no. Do any of my stories have photo opportunities that don’t involve a boring building? No. […]

This is old news by now, but in case you haven’t heard Election Day is OVER! Organization of who would cover what in the newsroom started during the summer, if you can believe it. It was nice to have a managing editor (maybe not for him) at the helm of it all, but it was […]